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Visions Art presents new works by

Madhuri Kathe

For me, painting is only a medium to explore and experience the mysteries of nature. My works are based on the fact that nature and our body are made up of five components (panchtatwa): earth, sun, water, air and sky, each representing a color. The use of the five primary colors- black, white, yellow, red and blue gives birth to the vision of nature. I paint from a state of stillness, looking beyond the obvious, more as an onlooker experiencing the act of creation, the dictates and energy for which come from a higher source.


Aatmica Ojha

I use colours, shapes, patterns, textures, movement, shades and flow to capture the feelings and emotions that arise when one sees an object/ scene/ phenomena. My artworks are the expressions which are devoid of any direct physical depiction.

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